FR. Pont-Aven
Fertile City

fertile city

Using the nature proximity as an opportunity to rethink the seasonal nature of life rhythms at La Belle Angèle


Fertile City’s ambition is to develop another model of life on the Belle-Angèle site, one that is more in line with the daily life and needs of its inhabitants, while respecting their environment and its rythmes.

This place becomes the articulation to weave the link between city, nature and production with always in the center the inhabitant- the user – the living things.

It is an opportunity to think about the future of the rural model through a safe densification on multiple levels: those of uses, housing, and nature.

This soft densification on the existing must be understood as an intensification and an enrichment of the interactions that occur in all those dimensions.

La Belle-Angèle is no longer a juxtaposition of disconnected functions but an entity in touch with its environment and in which the movements of the different uses between them are thought out in order to make fruitful synergies possible.

By inscribing the project in its territory of local resources (materials – production – nature) we seek to privilege loop processes in the shortest possible circuits as alternatives to the classic linear process which transforms a resource into an object and then into waste.

This is to rethink the value chain and protect what is threatened – the soil, its fertility, our resources – to intervene on this place by adding less material and more meaning.


Europan 16, Ville de Pont-Aven Concarneau Cornouaille Agglomération


mmnk (architecture, urban planning), Milou Aussir (food production and sales model)


FR. Pont-Aven


research, territory, landscape, resources, planning, agriculture




September 2021